vineri, 7 octombrie 2016

Virtual tour softwares helps real estate business

There are a couple of things that I hate the most in this life – and one of them is to evaluate really bad software solutions, to see how the programmers (good programmers) have implemented some great algorithms,  have debugged their code thoroughly, have adopted the latest standards and technologies, but the the final product is lacking some documentation, support from the developer, or he user experience is awful.

This happened last time when the management (by the way, I am working in a real estate company that is selling mansions in Florida) asked me for a proper software that generates virtual tours.

So I opened the internet and binged it for virtual tour software solutions – and there are really a lot of them out there – there are cheaper ones, more expensive ones, there are a couple of different technologies, but the most of them are offered as SaaS – or software as a service solutions.

This kind of approach is simply great, as the final client pays only for what he needs, when he needs, and at the same time, the software provider will have a constant frow of money to further develop its software solution.

I have tested about 7 solutions and although I was quite happy with the features and the versatility of each opf them, I have to say that the best overall experience was with the Tour Wizard – a solution that is great due to the features, due to the versatility, but also due to the fact that it has great support and documetnation.

So.. as I am saying every time, the user experience of the purchaser and the level of support is way more important than having a ton of features – and this is why I am supporting Tour Wizard as a software solution for virtual tours creation.